Saturday, May 17, 8:00 PM

Portugal. The Man

With Quiet Life

When it came time to begin work on the seventh Portugal. The Man album, John Gourley thought long and hard about the next move and kept coming back to one concept: The most satisfying work is collaborative work. From building houses with his father in Alaska to building a devoted fanbase, he had sought partnerships. So he took a bold step ' bold for a proven band, bolder still for its uncertainty of sound ' a step up to the apartment of a possible collaborator, Danger Mouse. 'I walked into his place,' Gourley remembers now. 'And it wasn't going to happen. He was like, 'Hey, man, just so you know, I don't really want to record a rock band.' And I was a little relieved. We'd done this by ourselves before, and we knew we could do it by ourselves again.' But then they got to listening, and to talking about how much Danger Mouse had loved In the Mountain in the Cloud ' the 2011 followup to Portugal. The Man's break out record The Satanic Satanist. 'From that very first meeting,' says Danger Mouse, 'we were very ambitious about what we could do'otherwise there was no point. So we decided: Let's try and make something really special.' So Danger Mouse and the band agreed that they were game for the challenge and began production on what would become Evil Friends, the undaunted re-awakening for Portugal. The Man.

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