Friends of the Bijou

Our Friends of the Bijou membership program is a community of people dedicated to helping the Bijou continue its legacy in Downtown Knoxville. Members of this program enjoy perks such as advanced ticket notifications and waived ticket fees for shows on the U.S. Cellular Stage at the Bijou Theatre. Additionally, members are invited to special events on the stage and mix n mingles before select shows.

Will you consider supporting Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theatre by becoming a member today? Your support will help us continue to provide a culturally-diverse performance space for musicians and artists for another 100 years. 




You can join by selecting
one of the following
membership levels:


You can also join by
sending a check to:

Bijou Theatre
P.O. Box 1746
Knoxville, TN 37901

Please make checks payable to Bijou Theatre.
For personal assistance please contact Amanda Womac at 522-0832 or amanda@knoxbijou.com.



David and Meg Arning, Julie Gause, David and Ilka Hatfield, James Reca, Richard Stair

Rock Stars

Dane Burdette, Ben Barton, Michael Bernard, Bill Bugg, Tom Bugg, Pete and Kathleen Finch, Chris Ford, Marsha Hollingsworth, Marc Kilpatrick, Brent Midyett, Peter and Jenny Moore, Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael, Wally Nour, Michael Plummer, Michele Purcell, Diane Reynolds, Bruce Webb


Jay and Leslie Apking, Ashley Capps, Theron Cleveland, Michael Cooper, Jama Creswell, Michael Damommio, Becky Dawson, Don and Nancy Dunning, Michael Dunthorn, Don and Corky Freeman, Russell James, Sherri Parker Lee, Sharon Lord, John Lutz, Sara Pendley, Ashley Shomaker, Lou Smith and Paul Parris, John Uhrich, Bill and Gloria Williford, Ward Witt, Amanda Womac, James and Cathy Zarchin


Edward Albers, Jr., Shannon Alexander, Steve and Barbara Apking, Nic and Penny Arning, John Baker, Laura Bakos, Grant Barton, Michael Bast, Clifford Beach, Jonathan Beckers, Bryan Benson, Michael Bernard, Linda Billman, Ian Blackburn, Ann Blackwood, Chad Boetger, Martha Boggs and David Patterson, Jan Brady, Jason Brooks, Joshua Buchanan, Benjamin Buckles, David Buckley, Mary Byers, Dara Canada, Ashley Chiozza, Connie Collier, Caroline Cooley, Toll Coulter, Larry Crowell, Courtney Cunningham, Joseph Damommio, Renee Depue, Howell Doka, Jonathan Doolan, Warren and Diane Edwards, Harold Elkins, Marian Epps, Jonathan Frey and Holly Hattemer-Frey, Doug Gamble and Nina Gregg, Jerry Glanville, Albert Good and Alice Feldman, Robert Goodwin, Randal and Marguerite Graham, Len and Judi Gray, Felisia Griner, Stephanie Hall, Steve and Becky Hancock, Carly Harrington, Jenny Harvey, Travis Hatmaker, Mary Hess, Nelda Hill, Bob Hilton and Susan Bourdeau, Gloria Holcomb, Lila Honaker, Jesse Hoxie, Renee Hoyos, Andrea Jenkins, Paula Jennings, Phillip and Jenifer Jennings, Andy Johnson, Eric Johnson, Kelly Johnson and Jonathan Wimmer, Cara Jones, Michael Jones, U.C. Jones, Wendy Judge, Michael Kelly, Michael Kenik, Patrick Lannon, Jason Law, Audrey Lee, David Madden, Greg Marret, Bob and Carole Martin, Dennis McGetrick, Pamela McMahan, Jeff Mitchell, Chuck Morris, Jennifer and Matt Mower, Randy and Michele Neal, Amy Neil, Scott Norris, Carrie O'Rear, Dennis Owen, William Packard, Kevin and Amanda Painter, Jack Parker, Corinne and Ed Patrick, Wendy Petruzzi, Ada Pfohl, Elmer Pinzon, Bryan Powell, Travis Pyle, James Rader, Candance Reaves, Nina Reineri, Ronda and Carl Reitz, Deanne Revel, Keith and Judith Rice, Roger Richmond, Albert and Jeannie Ritchie, Dash Roberts, Holly Romero, Andrew Saftel, Zane Scarlett, Scott Schimmel, Andy Schoerner, Heather Seiber, Kirsten Self, Troy Sellers, Sandy Sexton, Paul Seylar, Jack Singleton, Ben and Darsi Sirknen, Bryan Smith, Tommy Smith, Bill and Margaret Snyder, Caesar Stair, Marshall Stair, Russell Stair, Judi Starliper, Jennie Stewart, Ann Strange, Emily Stulce, Jeff Talman, John Talone, Jr, Alan and Melissa Theyken, Russ and Katharine Torbett, Paige Travis, Jack and Patricia Watson, Pat Watson, Douglas Weinstein, Don and Jonni West, Mark White, Marsha Wilson, Christine Winter, Marianne Wittemore, Tommy Wolf, Bill and Marti Womac, Jason Woodle, Carla Wyrick, Art and Andrea Yarnell, Jim and Linda Yates

*Friends of the Bijou memberships are annual, and must be renewed every year.

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Upcoming Shows

Allen Stone

06/01/2015, 8:00 PM

An Evening with Steve Inskeep

06/02/2015, 7:00 PM

Gay Men's Chorus

06/06/2015, 8:00 PM