One of Knoxville's biggest secrets remains the variety of museums, galleries and attractions. Among those secret gems is the Bijou Theatre Gallery, located on the second floor of the theatre. The intimate space is used to display local artists' exhibits, which rotate on a monthly basis.  The gallery also serves as the artist merchandise area during scheduled concerts and events.

Event ticket holders are welcome to visit the gallery on nights when events are hosted in the theatre.  Please call the administrative office at 865-522-0832 if you would like to visit at another time.

Current Exhibit


The Second Floor Gallery of the Bijou Theatre currently has a special exhibit of art from Bearden Elementary School.

The kindergarten works are inspired by artists from recent history including Alma Thomas, Cy Twombly, and Georgia O’Keefe.  Respectably, their focus centered on positive and negative space, control of active mark making, and close focus. There are also a few pieces where the students used their analytical skills to use a splat of paint on paper for a composition.

1st and 2nd graders executed the Spilling Jars on black paper. Their goal was to connect the contents of the jar to the design on the outside.  1st graders, in addition, did the resist fan designs while experimenting with the compass. The 2nd graders have some pieces that use resist as well as pattern; their goal included the use of rulers and measurements. They were also contributors of the oil pastel flowers.

3rd graders worked with the jar shape, but their goal was to use repetition and scale to gain a sense of space. They were also contributors of the Mondrian Works near the stairs, as well as the “Checker Board” pieces. The “Checker Board” pieces are focusing on space and developing the skills needed to pivot the ruler rather than shift. This is in preparation for perspective drawing.

Several 4th graders submitted their tessellation pieces. After designing their pattern, the students had to use their analytical skills to assign an identity to the shape. It was the student’s job to convince the viewer of the identity using drawing as a supported argument. We are also showing some of their studies involving plant shapes, where their goal was to use reduction and abstraction.

The 5th graders had only one choice, their 2-Point Perspective Piece. Their goal was to use line and shape to design form and space.

This exhibit will be on display through the end of April.


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